Department - Pharmacology

Head of Department: select

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Overview :

Department is located in the third floor of college building. It has adequate space & equipment for both P.G. & U.G. academic & research activities.

Key Features :

  • Experimental Laboratory
  • Clinical Pharmacology/Pharmacy Laboratory
  • Preparation Rooms for each Laboratory
  • Store room for Chemicals
  • PG Research Laboratory
  • Department Library & Seminar room
  • Museum
  • Animal holding room
  • Two Demonstration/Tutorial halls each with a capacity of 75 students & a Lecture Hall of 150 student capacity
  • Animal House
  • Pharmacovigilance Centre

Area of Study :

Department has been conducting Theory & Practical classes for Pharmacology in Medical & Para-Medical courses for U.G. & P.G. Students.PG ( MD Pharmacology ), U.G. ( M.B;B.S. ), (B.Sc Nursing)

Additional Information :

    PG Research Laboratory has following equipment:
  • Research kymograph & accessories
  • Extension Arm kymograph
  • Electronic large Animal weighing machine
  • Simple balance
  • Instrument for doing small & large animal experiments
  • Animal operation table
  • Necessary Glassware for Animal experiments
  • Langendorff’s apparatus (mamma lion heart )
    Neuropharmacology PG research Lab Equipment:
  • Rota rod apparatus
  • Eddy`s hot plate
  • Digital actophotometer
  • Hair astheiometer

Department Gallery