Katuri Medical College is a vision brought to its present day structure by
Sri Katuri Subbarao – the Pillar, Effort and Reality of this institution.

Committees - 2018-2019

Department of Phisiology

Department of Physiology is one of the largest Pre Clinical Departments in KMC, following the slogan
“The scientific basis of experimental medicine is physiology.” — Claude Bernard
Goal : The department aims to give a holistic view of Physiology as relevant to the practice of medicine, with particular focus on must-know areas as specified by the Medical Council of India and the NTR university of health sciences.

Facilities - Lecture Theatre : Atreya Lecture hall of required capacity is equipped with audiovisual aids. Demonstration Room-There are two demonstration rooms fitted with strip chairs, Over head Projector, Slide Projector, Television, Video and other audiovisual aids, so as to accommodate 75 students. Practical rooms- The department has well experienced and qualified technicians with supporting staff, working in all the sections. There are five fully-equipped laboratories in the department – Clinical, Hematology, Amphibian, Mammalian and Research laboratories – for training students in the requisite skills .The following laboratories with adequate accommodation are provided to accommodate 90 students The laboratories are equiped with Microscopes ( both uniocular and binocular ), haemoglobinometers,Physiographs, ECG machines, Perimeters, Sphygmomanometers, Stethographs, Spirometers, Ergographs etc.

Departmental Library -There is a Departmental library-cum-seminar room with more than 100 books , which caters the need to departmental staff and students. well-stocked departmental library has the latest editions of all standard books in common use and also selected titles for special reference by the faculty.

Research – Our full-fledged Research Laboratory has more than 100 equipments along with descriptive catalogues pertaining to different Research activities.
  • The theme of research and strength in the Department of Physiology is integration of knowledge obtained from studies at the level of molecules, cells, and organs to understand functions of the body as a whole organism. The main objective of our department is to understand basic mechanisms, and defects in these mechanisms, with the goal of translating this information into diagnoses, therapies and prevention of clinical disorders. Equipments include polygraph, physiograph, Computerized Pulmonary Function Testing, etc.
  • Department has dedicated fulltime faculties . We have well-qualified and experienced teachers to guide the students in theory and practicals and also adequate non-teaching staff to ensure smooth conduct of departmental work.

  • Accommodation is provided for the staff as under:-
    Professor & Head of the Department room Associate Professor/Reader-Two rooms Asstt. Professors room Tutor/Demonstrators room Department office cum Clerical room Working accommodation for non-teaching staff
  • Department has computer facilities with dedicated broadband connection with membership to NTRUHS virtual library project through which hundreds of journals and books are accessible online

  • Academic Assessment :
    • Assessment consists of multiple and periodic formative assessments both in theory and practicals throughout the academic year and a final summative assessment at the end of the first MBBS course.
    • we constantly endeavor to improve the various activities in our department by encouraging regular feedback from students, parents and staff and acting on their suggestions.
    • Undergraduate teaching activities are under full swing with theory and practical classes being conducted by the staff of the department. Students are divided into smaller batches and each batch is supervised by a faculty member throughout their course of study. Seminars and presentations for undergraduates are conducted on regular basis to improve understanding capacity and presentation skills of the students.
    • The students are wel trained in all the Haemotological investigative Procedures, Clinical Examinations of all Organ Systems and are send to the second year as a basic Medico Ready to face a Patient .
    • Our department has a class reputation in both teaching & research facilities. It maintains the strong & unique identity as it is strengthened with clinical lab, Hematology lab & Research lab which are fully equipped to teach Under Graduates, various other Para Medical trainees & even to teach Post Graduates in future.

  • Post graduate teaching will commence shortly and we are fully equipped for the same. Training and facilitation of the learning process are aided through the following methods of learning:
    • Lecture discussions / Small Group Teaching
    • Practical Demonstrations
    • Focused group discussion , Participatory learning appraisal
    • Seminars & tutorials
    • Exercises Learning by doing
    • Assignment writing
    • Involvement in Specific Departmental Project works
    • Students Library Projects
    • Interactive learning

  • Current research projects :
    1.Correlation between anemia and dementia among geriatric population
    2.Hemodynamic indices of the cardiovascular system in children as related to their constitutional characteristics
    Features of the circadian rhythm of skin temperature in eight- to nine-year-old children and young adults
    Total number of national and international Publications:20
    The efforts put forth by the Staff & the Students yielded the results up to 95%.