Katuri medical college is promoted by Vignan Educational Foundation. The main objective of Katuri medical college is to promote the best in medical education and to produce doctors with global standards.


Sl. No. Student Name Course
1 STU ONE test M.S. – Ophthalmology
2 Sampath M.S. – Obstetrics and Gynaecology
3 Sampath M.S. – Ophthalmology
4 Ramesh M.S. – E.N.T.
5 Rajesh M.S. – E.N.T.
6 V B Kasyapa Jannabatla MBBS
7 Ande Adarsh MBBS
8 Konathum Naga Venkata Rajini Devi MBBS
9 Karumanchi Spandana MBBS
10 Divi Videha MBBS