Awardable Punishments Under Anti-Ragging:

As per the unanimous resolution adopted in the meetings of Heads of the Katuri Medical College, the following steps have been taken to prevent, report, monitor & follow-up actions of ragging in the campus.

National Anti-Ragging Helpline
Phone No :- 18001805522

Anti-Ragging Committee:

Anti- Ragging Committee for the Academic year 2016-17.

Measures taken at KMC&H to curb the Menace of Ragging :

1. Anti-Ragging Squads are constituted with students and non-teaching staff members.

2. Sensitization programmes conducted to the Senior Students.

3. Names of Members of Anti-Ragging Committee with their contact numbers was displayed in Hostels, near Library and College Notice Boards.

4. The acts which come under ragging, the punishments awardable are displayed on all prominent places.

5. Complaint Boxes were provided and first year students were accommodated the ground floor of the respective Hostels to separate them from the senior students.

6. Separate transport facility provided to the freshers.

Report submitted to MCI on Anti-Ragging Cases Registered in the Month of February 2017:

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