Department of Anaesthesia


The Department of Anaesthesiology, Katuri Medical College, Guntur was started in 2009. 

It is a busy department; providing anaesthetic services at approximately 20 different locations every day to a variety of surgeries including general surgery, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology,  paediatric, neuro and cardiac surgery. State of the art technology and science is being used including multimodular-monitors, newer anaesthetics, ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia and a large variety of difficult airway equipment among many others providing excellent training opportunities.

 In addition to providing anaesthesia, the department also oversees a 12-bedded intensive care unit that largely caters post-surgical patients as well as other critical-status patients. The department also runs a Pain Clinic providing both acute and chronic pain-relief services. Regular and organized teaching programs with periodic evaluation, combined with plenty of hands-on clinical work ensures that the postgraduates are well-trained and confident at the end of their training period.   

The department is much sought after by prospective trainees as it stands out as an excellent teaching facility. The faculty members have clinical work commitments only to the hospital. The teachers dedicate themselves to both clinical work as well as teaching.

 Ongoing evaluation by all staff, internal assessment exams and performance in the University examinations


 One of the busiest departments at Katuri Medical College & Hospital

  • Excellent infrastructure
  • A large amount of clinical work with quantity, quality
  • Emphasis on safety of patients at all times
  • Emphasis on ethical approach and communication in patient care
  • Organised teaching programme
  • Curriculum covers all aspects of anaesthesia over three years, important sections being covered every two years (to cater to diploma students)
  • Good teacher-student rapport
  • Easy approachability of faculty


 Anaesthesiology is a branch of medicine primarily aimed at providing anaesthesia to aid the conduct of surgeries on different parts of the body. This may be in the form of general anaesthesia where the patient is made unconscious for the duration of the procedure or regional anaesthesia where the part to be operated alone is made numb. The specialty of anaesthesia has grown in leaps and bounds from being an art in the days of pouring ethyl ether on a mask to a science using anaesthesia workstations. Accurate measurement and monitoring of the patient’s physiology has now made complex surgeries possible and surgeries in patients with complex physiologies safer. The mortality and morbidity that is possible with anaesthesia have become extremely low due to the advances in understanding of anaesthesia, science and technology.

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