Sri Katuri Subba Rao  is the Founder  & Chairman of Vignan Educational Foundation, is intellectual and dynamic person with the aim of providing quality educational & medical facilities to the people all around.

From the Chairman

  • “The real wealth of a nation is in her people, in the educational excellence and the personal health and well being of her people.”
  • “The Health of people is the real foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.”
  • “There is nothing  that education cannot do Nothing is above its reach.It can turn bad morals to good.It destroys bad principles and create good ones.It can make men and women into angels.”
  • Vignan Educational Foundation firmly believes in the above truths and proceeds ahead on in its achievements, with them as background guiding principles.
  • In pursuit of such belief is the creation of KMCH.
  • The main vision of KMCH is to create a strong force of physicians to fight against & prevent diseases and provide quality care for patients.
  • “Physicians diagnose,practice, inform, prevent and when necessary perform surgery and heal the pain.Physicians care our patients and care about them when they are most vulnerable.”Any country’s health care system could not work without physicians any more than schools could function without teachers” this is true of Hospitals as well.
  • The interlocked three rings symbol of Olympics remind the triads required for a professional physician.
  • In my analogy the first ring is the science of medicine,the evidence based scientific foundation which determine all that we do.
  • The second ring interlocked with the first is the ethics of medicine,the moral underpinning that ensures that what you do is the right one,morally,ethically and spiritually.
  • And the third ring,equally important,interlocked with the other two,is the ring of caring.It is that emotion,that passion every physician feel,for very patient that is the main spring that keeps us going.
  • I compliment you all for being physicians and others connected to that and the VIGNAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION is comprised of you with a guiding philosophy.

“True heroism is remarkably sober,very undramatic.”

“It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost”.

“But the urge that to serve the others at whatever cost”.